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On a mission to inspire

Around the world in 80,000Ks


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  • When the world came to London and the 2012 Olympics I went out to the world. 

  • In July 2012 I left London on the very day the games opened to embark on a mission to drive to the five continents as represented by the Olympic rings, Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe, and Australia.

  • Highlighting the inspiration and values that sport and the Olympics brings to peoples lives and different cultures, Sports Trek is a photographic adventure going to the highest mountains and the biggest deserts.

  • In support of two charities supporting young people in London Met_Track and Drop In.




   Sports Trek is on a mission to inspire    

Here is what David Beckham and other rather well known and inspiring people have to say about inspiration   and the benefits of sport.


  • After two years I have driven through Europe, Asia and Australia and South America

  • I have visited schools right across the world

  • I have been on many adventures, driven through desert storms, up mountains and across rivers and met many wonderful people across the world seeing how they live and how sport plays a part in their lives. 

  • I have fundraised for children in Australia and will be doing the same in South America and Africa. Please see the "Fundraising" and "Raising Balls" pages. Just $5 dollars can make a difference! 

  • And in our fourth Olympic continent Tango & I made it to In Brazil  where we learnt learn how sport and the next Olympics is benefitting young peoples lives there.  


Yes we did it! After over two years, four continents, many miles together and with many ups and downs, Tango & I have returned to England. But Sports Trek is by no means finished and continues its mission to engage and inspire here in the UK and around the world. Plans are already in hand for the final continent AFRICA.

If you would like more information, wish you to help or be involved in anyway please do contact me at



We made it on Brasil's TV News - Click here to see us and the story